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Eternal Life Ministries is a nonprofit, non denominational organization which seeks to glorify God by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, edifying believers, and strengthening Christian families. We follow the biblical teachings of the Protestant Reformation as expressed in the London Baptist Confession of 1689; therefore, we seek to distribute resources which are in keeping with these teachings. We offer a variety of free resources, including messages by great preachers and teachers of the past and present such as the Puritans, Charles Spurgeon, Arthur W. Pink, Albert N. Martin, Walter Chantry, L.R. Shelton, Jr. and others.

Our resources help believers to . . .

In addition to the free resources we offer at this site, we have also periodically offered free books, CDs, and DVDs via e-mail to those on our mailing list. However, this has been discontinued due to present circumstances.

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Ministry History

In 1989, Eternal Life Ministries (ELM) was founded by Perry Boardman in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Perry was looking for an opportunity to minister to others, and a friend gave him the idea to send tracts to those who were in need of salvation. Soon afterwards upon the suggestion of his father, he felt led to start ELM in order to expand his outreach. With limited funds, he made some tracts and obtained resources from other ministries to distribute. He was determined not to charge for anything but solely rely upon the Lord's provision.

In 1992, ELM was moved to Kingston, Arkansas. For several years progress was slow. However, with the acquisition of a website in 1998, ELM began to see steady growth as more people became aware of the ministry via the Internet.

In 2001, the Spurgeon Gems website was created thanks to the help of Emmett O'Donnell who provided all of the sermons in Modern English as well as other resources. He also served as webmaster of the site for 16 years. The site began with less than 10 volumes of sermons and now has 63. And thanks to the help of other volunteers, unabridged sermons and books have been added.

Over the next several years, God continued to bless and ELM eventually acquired sufficient funds for better quality resources and more equipment to improve the ministry.

In 2009, the Sovereign Grace Audio Treasures website was created thanks to the help of another Christian man (who asked that his name not be given). He provided most of the MP3 messages, including over 2,500 messages by Albert N. Martin. He also is webmaster of the site and has made many improvements.

We praise the Lord for how He has wonderfully blessed and provided for the needs of ELM all these years through the voluntary support of His people! It's only by His grace that ELM has been able to continue and minister to others with the teaching of His Word. To Him be all the glory!

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