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Commentary on Proverbs
Charles Bridges
Web browser and e-Sword formats
Two electronic versions of this excellent book (which Charles Spurgeon called “The best work on the Proverbs”) are available for free to those who meet certain limited qualifications. Please note that the web-browser version was designed with Windows Internet Explorer in mind; users of Mozilla Firefox and Netscape Navigator should not download the program because it is known to have major problems. Other web browsers likewise may or may not work.

e-Proverbs is an electronic rendition of the Charles Bridges Commentary, utilizing the familiar look and features of a web browser. The linking capability of this format greatly reduces the time required to check the plethora of cross-references in the book, and the linked Subject Index entries enable quick jumping to the specified places within the expositions & footnotes. Additional features not found in the book include links (under a drop-down) to display how each Proverb has been rendered in various translations (several public domain English Bibles, the Septuagint, Latin Vulgate, original Hebrew [for computers online]), along with the complete expositions of other commentators (Matthew Henry, Matthew Poole, John Gill, Albert Barnes, Jamieson Fausset & Brown, Adam Clarke, Geneva Bible Notes, R.A. Torrey's Treasury of Scripture Knowledge and Charles Spurgeon [every one of his known sermons/devotionals that were based upon a Proverb]). There are also links to a dictionary, to sermons on SermonAudio.com, and some limited comments by Arthur W. Pink, William Jay, more than 50 MP3s from Albert N. Martin, and a page that lists all of the Proverbs quoted in the New Testament.

e-Proverbs is not copyrighted. All of the Other Commentators/Translations that are used are in the public domain. The Banner of Truth Trust has been consulted regarding the production of the program, & while they do not have a copyright on the book, they suggested some judicious cautions since they have somewhat of a vested interest in it. That is, this is one of the items that they & their distributors sell, and the profits they make are reinvested into producing other edifying books. The goal therefore is to make e-Proverbs freely available, but with some restraint & limitations so that it does not have a significant impact upon book sales. Generally then, it should only be used by those who already own the book, by seminary students (and others whose financial situations may currently make it difficult to purchase a hard copy), or as an introduction to those who may be altogether unfamiliar with it. It may also be used by Christians who are unfamiliar with good, solid reformed literature in general. Besides strengthening the Kingdom of God directly this may be instrumental in giving such saints a spiritual appetite for these tried & true edifying works, & thus produce regular customers for Banner & its distributors (merchants will sometimes give away free samples in order to whet the appetites of prospective customers). If you have received this program under these conditions & have come to appreciate the value of Mr. Bridges' commentary, please consider buying a hardcopy and getting other great books from The Banner of Truth: http://www.banneroftruth.org/pages/home.php.

Download Web-browser version:
If then you have read the above qualifications, agree to comply with them, and would like to download the Web-browser version of the program, click on the colon after the underlined word “conditions” above.

Download e-Sword version:
If then you have read the above qualifications, agree to comply with them, and would like to download the e-Sword version, click on the colon after the underlined word “description” above.

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